Monday, 22 June 2009

Sweet Students, Bitter Rain

Every year about this time I enter a state of bitter sweetness. The summer holiday is at hand, and naturally you're starting to look forward to several months of relaxation. But at the same time one year of company with your nice students is drawing towards its end, and you never quite know whether you'll see them again in the autumn.

Since life at school often gets a bit more relaxed the last couple of weeks before the holiday, it's possible to take the students to slightly more excursions. About a week ago my class went out to the isle of Hoved√łya, admiring cloister ruins, lush flora and white sails on the fjord. Unfortunately, the weather was rather cloudy and heavy with rain, but after having found shelter under a tree we were still able to enjoy tasty dishes from Pakistan, Morocco and Vietnam.

As you'll see in the subject title, my inclinations to antithetical opposites made me put "the sweet students" against "the bitter rain". After a similar excursion last year I wrote about sweet students and rotten apples, and it's no secret what "the rotten apples" was referring to. Well, the students are still as sweet, but as you see, the most negative thing I can think of this year is a bit of rain. Things change - and, in this respect, in a good way! :-)

Monday, 15 June 2009

From Bohemia to Bourgeoisie

Last year about this time I was extremely frustrated about the conditions at work, and ended up saying no thanks to yet another short-term contract. But at the same time it was a sad decision, as most of the colleagues are actually good people.

I don't know if it was due to good karma, the favour of the gods or just the devil's own luck, but at the end of my summer holiday I fortunately was offered a new job at an adult education competitor. Here I've been working and enjoying myself all this school year. So, when they recently published new vacancies, I handed in an application. Some weeks ago I was called in to a job interview, and afterwards I've been hoping to be able to continue my job also in the next school year.

Consequently, I was very relieved when my boss some weeks ago congratulated me on having my job prolonged into the next school year. In fact, I was so happy and relieved that I first didn't quite apprehend the fact that she was actually offering me a permanent position! I'm still not sure if I've fully realized it. During most of my career I've been a bit of a bohemian. Working as a freelance gives you a lot of freedom and independence, but it's hard to live that way in the long run.

With my newly acquired standing as permanently employed it might be about time to say good time to my life as a bohemian. No more absinth with artists and courtisans on the left bank. No more visits to opium dens in the harbour of Shanghai. About time to get a terrace house, a car, a pretty wife, tots (one boy and two twin girls) and a dog named Rufus.