Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trends & Transport

As you know, this blog has a hang-up on contemporary movements. Torgnyworld wants to feel the pulse of the latest trends and tendencies.  

An important yardstick in this connection is popular culture. Not least pop music and its promo videos. Consequently, we think that an important trend in 2011 will be (roll of drums) non-motorized vehicles

One important indication of this phenomenon is found in Mark Ronson's song "The Bike Song", temporarily on high rotation on MTV. As the title suggests, the song is dedicated to the joys of the two-wheeler. And the music video includes an almost fetishist fascination of bicycle seats, bicycle bells and bicycle lights.

Another recurrent artist on MTV's playlists is the new pop comet Eliza Doolittle (although her name sounds curiously familiar...?). In her song "Rollerblades" footwear including a vehicle device is primarily in focus. While her video is almost as fixated on bikes as the one of Mark Ronson's. 

Our prediction is consequently that muscle powered conveyances will be the next big thing. We expect a considerable boom regarding the use of bikes, rollerblades, scooters and kicksleds in 2011. Remember where you read this first!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Home, Sweet Home

As some may have noticed, I've been searching for a new flat for some time now. I had a rather active period about this time last year, going to some public viewings in downtown Oslo. (At that time I felt like living in an "urban environment", while still being pretty close to work.) But after a few months my inspiration waned, and during spring I put my hunt on ice. 

After summer holiday, however, my inspiration returned. And this time I changed my strategy slightly. I had come to the conclusion that it could actually be quite cool living outside the city centre too. Every day I take the tram to work, and I've discovered that it can actually be pretty nice in the suburbs too. Light, airy and green. So, the last couple of months I've been to some viewings in this area. And now I've even gone so far as too - lo and behold - make some bids!

Until now, however, there has always been someone else winning the bidding round. And this is always a downer. If I'm going to make a bid for a flat, I sort of have to "fall in love" with it. One does invest quite a lot of emotional capital in these cases, you know. It's a bit like having a crush on a girl, and then someone else comes along and takes her from you. After that, you don't move on to the next love interest right away, do you?   

Well, after a month's heartache after my last setback on the house front, I was once again on a few viewings last week. One flat in particular appealed to me. And since I'm getting a bit fed up with my perpetual existence as a flat searcher, I took a deep breath and made a bid. Soon after the blasted  bidding round started again. But after some counterbids - and a 10 percent price increase - I actually ended up as the winner of the round!   

Since there was an option involved, it was still too early to rejoice, though. There was still a chance someone with a higher priority might snatch the place right out of my hands. But after two days of nerve-wracking waiting I got the message: The flat was mine! :-D    

By the way, I was very surprised by the overwhelming response this news generated. When I told my colleagues that I'd become a flat owner, I was showered with congratulations. And during the day I got lots of offers from my friends about lending me their car, assisting me during my relocation, coaching me at Ikea etc. People are so kind! Thank you so much! :-)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

From The Family Album

Here you see me as a toddler, surrounded by parents, aunt, uncle and cousins. Unfortunately, great family gatherings like this were a rare thing. They usually occured in connection with important seremonies. Such as christenings, confirmations, weddings - and funerals.   

Gradually, most family members have passed away. Grandparents, uncle, aunt and parents. Last week we also received the sad news that cousin Grete had been added to the list. In a way it feels a bit strange. She is the first of the family members I have lost who actually belonged to my generation. Now my brother and my cousin Petter are the only ones left of my closest relatives. And my little nephew Bo, of course. 

On Tuesday I attended her funeral. Ceremonies like these are seldom a real gas, but personally I liked the fact that the commemorative words focused on Grete's relationship to our family cabin. This is the place were I too spent my first (and greatest) summers. I guess the cabin meant just as much to her.

A good thing about such sad events is the fact that they bring together people who usually see each other much too seldom. During the funeral I had a re-encounter with the girl from the neighbouring cabin, who used to baby-sit me during my first, happy summers. Both she and I had got a bit older since then, but I think we both appreciated seeing each other again. Such events remind us of the fact that what's most important in life is the people you have met.

Three generations enjoying the view from the cabin. Granddad, dad and me.