Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Back to Bohemia?

From the Lush concert 7 May. 
Guess who's having a great time on the far right?

I consider my interest in music slightly above average. But although I meet great people both at work and at home, I can't really say they give me much of an outlet for my cultural needs.

So what to do? Well, last month I went on a one-man's trip to London, primarily because one of my favourite '90s bands had announced a reunion concert in Camden. This also gave me a long-desired opportunity to socialize with people with similar musical preferences.

(True, I soon realized my knowledge of British indie music fell short in this setting. It might be compared to a Briton ending up at a rock bar in Oslo. He'd probably know a-ha and Röyksopp - possibly even Turbonegro. But he'd probably soon have to admit that the natives knew quite a lot more about the national music scene than himself. In Camden I experienced the same thing - in reverse.)

During my night at the gig I also rediscovered some of my bohemian inclinations - which I've neglected for a long time. Maybe I should get better at keeping in touch with my musically like-minded acquaintances? Or pay visits to London a little more often? Or at least get a ticket to this summer's Øyafestival here in Oslo? (Which I already have, by the way.)

Of course, there's also a possibility that it's all part of some midlife crisis. But if that's the case, I guess this might have given considerably worse results than a boom in the number of rock gigs...

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